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The Most Invaluable Component of Lasting Business Success is Your BRAND

1. Your logo is the most recognizable part of your brand strategy and your business’ identity.

The top Fortune 500 companies understand the most invaluable component of lasting success: BRANDING.

Colors, tones, fonts, feel – all of this sets the stage for the story you’re trying to tell. A great logo designer is an expert at crafting an iconic logo that helps tell your story and fits perfectly into your business’ overall brand strategy.

This is a skill that’s lost on amateur logo designers and “your friend who is great with photoshop.”


Chattahoochee Roofing & Construction Logo

Atlanta Logo Design
Logo Designer: John Hamon

Timber Mountain Logo

Atlanta Logo Design
Logo Designer: John Hamon

2. Your logo is your business’ first impression (& your customers expect quality).

The first thing most customers want to know when they’re first introduced to a business is, “What business is this? Are they professional? Can I trust them?”

They look to your logo design to get that information at a glance because a logo tells them the name of the business and also helps answer the “trust” question.

A cheap, poorly designed, unprofessional logo communicates a lack of trust and professionalism and turns a large percentage of buyers off. If your logo is amateur, people will assume your business is run by amateurs.

A clean, modern, professional logo design communicates a level of trust and professionalism that helps prospects immediately feel comfortable. The result is that more people are willing to consider your offer and eventually do business with you.


Whydrate Old Logo

Logo Design (Before)
Logo Designer: Unknown

Whydrate Logo

Atlanta Logo Design (AFTER)
Logo Designer: John Hamon

3. An amateur logo is forgettable. A professional logo design is unique and memorable.

If the entire point of a logo is to establish your business’ identity and communicate your values and culture, it better be unique and memorable!

Amateurs borrow elements from other brands or use icons and other graphical elements that are publicly available and free for anyone to use. This results in a cheap, forgettable logo.

Hiring a professional logo designer means getting a 100% custom, unique logo for your business that’s hand-crafted for impact and memorability.

When people remember and instantly recognize your logo, that’s when you start to build brand loyalty, repeat customers, a steady referral pipeline, and buyers who choose you over lesser-known competition.


Atlanta Logo Design (BEFORE)
Logo Designer: Unknown

Freed Performance Logo

Atlanta Logo Design (After)
Logo Designer: John Hamon

Why Choose Our Atlanta Logo Design Team for Your Branding

A professional logo designer is able to produce winning logo designs consistently because they have tremendous skill & experience and follow a proven process…

Creating a unique and iconic logo that establishes your brand’s identity in a meaningful way isn’t easy.

Our talented logo design term works harder than anyone to understand your organization’s vision, values, and goals and bring those elements to life in your logo.

That’s why we’re recognized as one of the top branding agencies in Atlanta, having produced award-winning brands for some of the most successful businesses in the Southeast.

number icon 1

Design Brief

We get to know your business, vision, and brand goals.

number icon 2

Market Research

We analyze & evaluate your industry & competitors.

number icon 3


We conceptualize ideas and determine initial design direction.

number icon 4


We sketch a variety of concepts so you have a lot to choose from.

number icon 5


We present the sketches & talk through our process so you can give feedback.

number icon 6


We make the requested revisions & send them back to you for approval.

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We digitize & vectorize the approved design so it’s pixel perfect.

number icon 8


We deliver all the final files to you in various formats.

Here’s Some of the Work Our Atlanta Logo Design Team Has Produced

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I have had so much fun working with the team at Hamon Creative. I gave John my vision and let his creative mind do the rest. The results are more than I imagined! I love our new logo and I’m excited to work with him on the rest of the brand strategy for my non-profit organization.

Teressa Ruspi • LRJ FOUNDATION


John Hamon is an unbelievably talented and hard working professional. He has the ability to create a vision that not many can see. The end result is nothing short of exceptional. There are not many creative designers out there with this level of talent, dedication, and work ethic.
John Salo


John’s skills are spot on!! The creativity just oozes from his pen!! Seriously, check out my business cards, logo, branding, he’s done it all! And on top of that, just a great all around person!

Robert Lewis • CEO Audio Video Excellence


Very rarely do talent, passion and personality come together in such a powerful way. As a business person with multiple concepts, I whole-heartedly recommend Hamon Creative for your next project.

Justin Henshaw • Owner Fuse Frozen Co & Jimmy John's


Frequently Asked Questions About Logo Design & Branding

If you don’t see your question answered, don’t hesitate to shoot us a text message.

How much does logo design typically cost?

Since every project is unique, we need to gather the details of your project and then we will provide a proposal with clear pricing. 

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How does the logo design process work?

First, we deep dive on your specific needs, goals, and vision to make sure we have a full understanding of your business and goals.

Next, we use hand-drawn sketches, wire frames, and prototypes to get design concepts to you quickly for review and feedback. We continue to iterate in the same fashion until we arrive at a winning design concept.

Once you’ve chosen a winning design, we recreate the design digitally in advanced software programs and add the finishing touches until your design is pixel-perfect.

If there are any last minute iterations, we will apply those in this phase as well before exporting and delivering all of the design files.

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I don't know exactly what I want, can you still help?

Absolutely! We are experts at bringing ideas to life – it’s the heartbeat of our business.

For simple logo design projects, we are happy to work with you as a courtesy in good faith to move forward on a project together. For more complex and detailed projects, we can host a paid pre-project 2 hour strategy session for $350 – leaving you with deliverables such as roadmap strategies and low fidelity sketches that can help you with your ventures, whether you partner with us or not. Either way, we are here to help bring your vision to life!

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What logo design files do you deliver?

Our logo designs are 100% custom and we provide multiple file formats depending on the project: AI, PSD, EPS, SVG, JPG, and PNG are standard.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and you can pay for logo design project online conveniently through our invoicing system. You can also pay by check if desired.

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What is a vector logo design?

Where traditional digital files like JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs CANNOT be made larger without degrading the quality, vectorized designs are digital files that can be scaled infinitely without loss of resolution or detail. 

All of our logo designs are vectorized so you’ll never have an issue with scaling your logo up or down.

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How involved can I be in the process?

Some clients want to be heavily involved in the logo design process and others want to be totally hands off, letting us run with our creativity. We’ll work according to your preferences.

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Will you come up with some sample designs and then I can pay if I like them?

Some designers do “spec work” like this when they’re just getting started. Our team is at the top of the design game with a long track record of satisfied clients, large and small, so we have a strict policy of no spec work.

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What if I'm not happy with my logo design?

We strive to capture your needs and requirements and while we are beyond confident in our creative leadership and graphic design abilities, it’s possible to miss the mark since creativity and art are subjective.

The most important thing for you to understand is that we stand by our work 100% and will do everything within our power to make you happy.

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Do you only work with companies in Atlanta?

We’ve helped design logos and brand strategy for companies all over the U.S. and abroad. While we’re based in Metro Atlanta (Alpharetta, GA), we’re able to work with companies worldwide.

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