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Why You Need a PPC Management Agency

PPC Visitors Are 50% More Likely to Purchase Something Than Organic Visitors

Lots of people will find their way to your website, but none are more valuable than those who were just searching for exactly what you offer. 

Aside from a well-executed search engine optimization strategy from an SEO agency, PPC is the #1 way to drive targeted, “ready to buy” search traffic to your site.

With PPC you get to choose exactly which terms to bid on, which locations to target (if you do business in a specific geographic area), and which pages to send that traffic to.

There’s no other marketing or advertising strategy that offers this level of control for funneling ideal customers into your pipeline.

PPC Keyword Research Reveals “Buyer Intent”

The goal of PPC keyword research is to find keywords that demonstrate clear “buyer intent.” That is, the intent to buy and the intent to buy relatively soon.

Imagine that you’re a local chiropractor. What better prospect could there be than someone who needs a chiropractor right now and considers their situation to be an emergency?

I’m talking about someone who gets on Google and types, “emergency chiropractor near me.”

That kind of search displays clear intent to buy and clear intent to buy very soon. What’s cool is that there are dozens and dozens of these kinds of “buyer intent” keywords across every industry and we’re experts at finding them and targeting them for you.

ppc atlanta keyword research

Does PPC Generate Revenue?

Pay Per Click Ads Can Increase Brand Awareness by as Much as 80%

One of the most important things to you as a business owner is VISIBILITY, also known as “brand awareness.”

If people don’t know about you, how can they possibly do business with you? They can’t. This is why companies pay so much money to try and bring awareness to their brand.

While there are a lot of ways to build brand awareness, one of the best is to make sure your business repeatedly appears in search results for terms your ideal customers are searching for.

There was actually a study done, consisting of 61 simulated search experiments involving 800 U.S. consumers, which identified an 80% lift in top-of-mind brand awareness.

Even better, the brand awareness of the businesses appearing in the ad positions improved even when users didn’t click their ads.

Simply seeing your business name and associating it with a specific industry is a “first touch” (and a very important one) in the mind of your ideal customer that will pay dividends later when they see your name again, and again, via your other marketing and advertising efforts.

How PPC Increases the Visibility of Your Company 

The first page of Google Search (where the ads and best organic results are) is prime real estate for businesses. Placement here communicates legitimacy and trust.

When your ideal customers see your brand on page one, especially when they see your business repeatedly (people search for businesses more than once and in more than one way), they begin to see your company as a “top player” in your market.

That exposure sticks in the minds of consumers and helps you generate more conversions over the long haul. It also helps you get more referrals, backlinks, and networking opportunities.

ppc atlanta brand awareness

Is PPC Worth it? What’s the ROI?

On Average, Businesses Earn $2 for Every $1 spent on Google Ads

Does Google PPC offer a solid return on investment? No doubt. On average, businesses are earning $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. That’s great news because:

  1. Most businesses aren’t doing PPC very well (so much room for even better results!)
  2. That’s ROI off the first purchase. It doesn’t even account for future purchases or customer lifetime value (LTV).

The best part is that everything is trackable. It kills us to see businesses paying $1000/mo for a billboard and they can’t tell us a single data point related to how that ad spend is performing.

With Google PPC you can see every single click and the end result of that click. You’ll know exactly what you’re spending and how much you’re making as a result.

Best of all, we track all that for you. All you have to do is look at the report we provide you each month.

How Google Ads Can Be Profitable For Your Business (By The Numbers)…

Let’s say you’re a dentist and the 3-month value of a new patient is $1500. Let’s also say that you typically need to get 5 leads in order to get 1 new patient.

If we design a landing page that converts 5% of PPC traffic, that means we need to send 100 people to the landing page to get you those five leads.

At $7/click, those 100 visitors are going to cost $700. But … you got your five leads (costing $140 per lead) and your one customer (costing $700) … and you’re making $1500 on average.

This is a profitable campaign – a routine occurence for businesses we work with. And your profit only increases with every next visit that new patient makes with you.

google search console data

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Are You Ready to Turn on the PPC Traffic & Leads Faucet?

Our PPC Services

Creating and managing PPC campaigns is more involved than just “bidding on keywords.” Here’s what our PPC experts do for your business…

ppc keyword research icon

PPC Keyword Research

We identify all the “buyer intent” keywords that your ideal customers are using. These are the primary search terms we’ll bid on.

ppc strategy icon

PPC Strategy

We build a custom strategy, from click to offer to conversion, for your business. Once we have your approval we begin building.

pay per click campaign setup

PPC Campaign Setup

We setup your campaigns, targeting, bidding, and more inside Google Ads. We write your ads and dozens of ad variations.

ppc landing page design icon

Landing Page Design

We design and build a custom landing page to send PPC traffic to. This page funnels them into taking the desired action.

ppc split testing

Split Testing (A/B Testing)

We watch your ads and landing page performance, create and test variations, and make constant improvements.

ppc analytics

Conversion Tracking

We track every single conversion, the cost, and the ROI, and then report back to you every single month.

What about all the tech stuff?

Yes, we handle all the tech stuff too: web design, tracking code installation, landing page buildout, split testing setup, content insertion, content editing, lead capture, checkout systems, page speed optimization, image optimization, and more.

Our PPC Management Process

How Our Atlanta PPC Agency Drives Customers & Conversions

Smart businesses hire a PPC management company to run their pay per click efforts.

PPC advertising is something that seems pretty straightforward on the surface. You just type in keywords, set your budget, and watch the leads & sales roll in, right?


The only way to make PPC advertising profitable is to bid on “buyer intent” keywords, exclude “negative keywords,” use keyword modifiers properly, send traffic to dedicated landing pages with focused offers, constantly optimize for conversions, and pour over the data to keep things running smoothly.

number icon 1

Business Research

We get to know how your business works and how you convert leads.

number icon 2

Market Research

We get a really solid understanding of how your market works.

number icon 3

Competitor Analysis

We pull all the data on how your competitors are using PPC ads.

number icon 4

Keyword Research

We sift through all the data, retain winning keywords & discard losers.

number icon 5

PPC STrategy

We put together a complete PPC game plan for your company.

number icon 6

PPC Campaign Setup

We build landing pages, write ads, and setup conversion forms.

number icon 7

Conversion Rate Optimization

We optimize every pixel on the page for ultra-high conversion rates.

number icon 8

Tracking & Massaging

We track where your money is going and report back to you.

How We Track PPC Performance

We Believe in a Data-Driven Approach to PPC & Digital Marketing

You’re never in the dark. You’ll always know exactly how we’re performing, how we’re testing & improving, and what the ROI of your PPC efforts are.


Advanced Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We track all target keyword ranking positions, traffic analytics, and competitors.


Visitor Click Tracking

We study what visitors to your site are clicking on to get a better understanding of how they’re using your site so we can make gradual improvements.

Visitor Scroll Tracking

Our scroll tracking software shows you us where we’re losing visitors’ attention so we can make the right adjustments to keep them on your site longer.

Visitor Behavior Recordings

With our advanced software we can watch anonymous users navigate your site via screen recording to see how they behave, and optimize accordingly.

A/B Split Testing

We have the ability to split test everything from headlines to offers to lead forms. We’ll run the tests, pick the winner, and show you the data.

Simple Reporting

You don’t have time to analyze all the data. We analyze it for you and provide simple reports so you can see all the important numbers at a glance.

atlanta seo rankings report

Frequently Asked Questions About Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you don’t see your question answered, don’t hesitate to shoot us a text message.

How much do your PPC services cost?

PPC pricing depends on the size and scope of the business, the size of the market, the size of the service area, and what’s already been done or not done with regard to PPC management.

We’re 100% transparent with our pricing, we just need to put eyes on your business and your market first, so it’s best to reach out and start the initial discovery process if you want a true cost estimate.

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How can I see what the potential for my business is before I invest in an PPC package?

We often start with a PPC strategy session and audit where our PPC experts do a 1-2 hour market research, keyword research, and competitor analysis. This is a super cost-effective way for you to understand the real PPC potential for your business.

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Can you teach my team how to do PPC?

We do PPC trainings and workshops, but it’s not a “one and done” type thing. Your team will need multiple training sessions to truly be effective. This is less cost-effective in the short-term, but certainly more cost-effective long-term if you’re going heavy into PPC and have the team in place to make it happen.

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How much does PPC advertising cost?

The cost per click ranges wildly depending on the market you’re bidding in and the industry you do business is. We can give you a clear estimate of what a cost per click is once we have a little bit of information about your business. As for our fees, we charge a monthly PPC management fee for smaller accounts and a percentage of ad spend for larger accounts.

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How much time will this require of my team and myself?

You can be as involved as you’d like or you can be as hands-off as you’d like. We do need minimal amounts of your time to review offers, targeting, landing pages, and so on for approval.

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Do I have to pay for PPC services every month or is it a one-time thing.

PPC is an ongoing effort that requires ongoing input, optimization, and monitoring from our team. We also tend to launch campaigns in phases to keep costs under control and verify ROI before getting too deep into things. Clients happily pay us every month because our efforts are the reason for their business’ growth.

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How long does it take for PPC to work?

PPC is basically a faucet. We make the ads live and the clicks start coming. Now, it can often take some testing and tweaking to get things dialed in and working really well, but by and large the results typically come pretty quick.

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What all does an PPC agency or PPC expert do?

A lot goes into a solid PPC effort…

  • Keyword research
  • Manual bid optimizations
  • Keyword match type selections
  • Quality score improvements
  • Ad split testing
  • Landing page split testing
  • Keyword refinement/expansion
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Negative keyword additions
  • PPC call tracking
  • Traffic quality improvements
  • ROI conversion tracking
  • Bid modifiers
  • Geo-targeting improvements
  • Ad extension granularity

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