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What is SEO?

92% of Searchers Will End Up Buying From a Business Who Shows Up on Page One of Local Search Results

The goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to get specific pages of your website to rank on page one of Google and Bing (preferably in the top three) for valuable, “commercially relevant” keywords and phrases.

Why? Because when this happens, thousands of visitors click through to your website. If your website is setup properly (which we make sure it is), we’ll easily convert those visitors into leads and sales.

The best part (aside from all that traffic being free) is that once you’re ranking in the top spots, your business will typically stay there and dominate those rankings for years to come. That means you’ll earn that traffic month after month for a very long time … and most of your competitors won’t.

Organic SEO Keyword Research

Let’s say you own a painting company in Alpharetta, GA and you really want to show up when people search for painting services.

First, our in-house Atlanta SEO experts will research your business, your competition, and the entire field of industry-related search terms.

Next, we’ll put together an SEO game plan for your website – the pages that need to be created, what those pages need to say, and how the site needs to be structured.

Once the game plan is approved, we’ll build out the pages on your site, optimize everything, and then track your rankings through Google Search Console.

atlanta SEO keyword research report

SEO is a lot more than just putting keywords on a web page – it requires a fundamental understanding of buyer psychology and online marketing.

SEO is both an art and a science that takes years of experience to understand and execute effectively.

Fly-by-night SEO agencies will just litter your site with keywords (and may very well harm your business’ rankigns in the process). A legimate SEO agency like Hamon Creative understands how to interpret the intent of searchers, structure your pages and content to provide visitors with an amazing experience, and then convert those visitors into leads and sales.

You can’t pay your bills with traffic! Our job isn’t just to get people to your website, it’s to get the RIGHT people to your website.

Beyond that, our job is to make sure those ideal customers have a great experience when they arrive and convert them into dollars. That’s how your business can leverage SEO for growth.

Organic SEO Sitemaps, Page Outlines, and Web Development

Our expert SEO team provides a full SEO-Optimized sitemap (a page tree) for your website. It demonstrates exactly what the navigation structure should look like, every page your site should have, and full SEO-Optimized outlines for those pages.

If you want to write the content for each page you’re more than welcome to do so (and then we’ll review it), but most businesses just hire us to write the content, do the work, and get the results.

And yes, we build the pages on your site for you. You don’t have to pay a web designer or web developer separately. Our team handles everything in-house.

atlanta seo sample sitemap

While SEO is a long-game process, you’re never in the dark with our agency.

SEO isn’t a quick fix strategy. It’s an intelligent, long-term play for your business. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sit around and twiddle your thumbs hoping that something happens.

Google provides us with powerful tools that help us track your rankings over time. We can see every single keyword your website ranks for, what position it’s ranking in, the direction it’s trending, and more.

Our Atlanta SEO experts are able to provide you a month-by-month report of your progress, showing your business marching toward page one for terms that will eventually bring you tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Tracking Your SEO & Keyword Rankings Over Time

Google wants you to be able to track and monitor your search rankings. That’s why they offer access to their Google Search Console tool. 

Most business don’t know how to setup or use Google Search Console and that’s perfectly fine. Our SEO experts set it up for you, run the reports, analyze the data, and communicate back to you in clear and simple terms.

Of course, if you ever want to look at the charts and data for yourself we’ll always provide those as well.


google search console data

SEO Research Drives PPC (PayPerClick) Advertising Efforts & Saves You Tons of Money

PPC advertising is similar to SEO in that you’re targeting keywords and phrases your ideal customers are searching for. The only difference is that you agree to pay for each click Google sends you instead of working to rank for the terms organically.

The big mistakes most businesses make is guessing which keywords to bid on, bidding on the wrong keywords, and inadvertently bidding on completely irrelevant keywords.

The right way to approach PPC advertising is by having an SEO expert or agency do the proper keyword research, identify the best keywords to bid on, and identify the “negative keywords” that need to be excluded.

Once that happens, a PPC game plan can be created around your budget and a solid digital marketing agency (we’re a one-stop shop) can determine the best course of action for where to send PPC traffic to get the highest conversion rates (for example, we build a dedicated landing page with a specific offer to send the traffic to).

FYI, we’re big fans of using Google PPC while you wait for the organic SEO efforts to kick in and start delivering. Learn more about our PPC services on our PPC management page.

Our SEO Services

SEO isn’t the fastest way to bring in leads for your business, but it’s undoubtedly the most powerful. Once your business starts ranking for key terms and phrases, it delivers leads, sales, and market domination for years to come.

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Organic SEO

We offer full organic SEO services to get your business ranked locally or nationally on page one of Google’s organic search results for important keywords.

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Keyword Research

Our in-house (never outsourced) SEO experts sift through the research using advanced tools and strategies to find the highest-value keywords for your business.

local seo icon

Local SEO

If your business only serves a local market, we’re able to drill down into the most relevant local and “near me” search terms to make sure you dominate locally.

google location icon

“Google My Business”

Google gives your business a local listing (if you have a local business). We optimize this listing for you to make sure you’re not leaving any traffic/leads on the table.

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Video SEO

Video is the future of online marketing and it’s a major SEO tool. We help develop a content strategy for SEO-optimized video marketing to help accelerate your rankings.

google ppc icon

Google PPC (Pay Per Click)

SEO is a long-game strategy. While you wait for your website to rank on page one, we use PPC to drive targeting traffic to strategic landing pages.

What about all the tech stuff?

Yes, we handle all the tech stuff too: web design, edits to your page navigation, page buildout, on-page optimization, content insertion, content editing, internal linking, page speed optimization, image optimization, and more.

How Our Atlanta SEO Agency Gets You Consistently Top Rankings

When we hold local trainings and SEO workshops here in Atlanta, almost every business owner tells us, “Wow, SEO is a lot more involved than I thought.”

You can do SEO right or you can do SEO very, very wrong. Our SEO experts work hard to stay up on the latest standards, “rules of engagement,” research techniques, and optimization strategies and we’re experts at tying SEO into your overall online marketing and conversion strategy.

number icon 1

Business Research

We get to know how your business works and how you convert leads.

number icon 2

Market Research

We get a really solid understanding of how your market works.

number icon 3

Competitor Analysis

We pull all the data on how your competitors are using SEO & content.

number icon 4

Keyword Research

We sift through all the data, retain winning keywords & discard losers.

number icon 5

Sitemapping & outlining

We build a complete SEO sitemap with full page outlines.

number icon 6

page & content buildout

We build any pages that don’t currently exist and create/insert content.

number icon 7

Page Optimization

We optimize every pixel on the page for search & a great user experience.

number icon 8

Tracking & Massaging

We track your rankings and make strategic edits to keep things moving along.

We Believe in a Data-Driven Approach to SEO & Digital Marketing

You’re never in the dark. You’ll always know exactly how we’re performing, how we’re testing & improving, and what your ROI is.


Advanced Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We track all target keyword ranking positions, traffic analytics, and competitors.


Visitor Click Tracking

We study what visitors to your site are clicking on to get a better understanding of how they’re using your site so we can make gradual improvements.

Visitor Scroll Tracking

Our scroll tracking software shows you us where we’re losing visitors’ attention so we can make the right adjustments to keep them on your site longer.

Visitor Behavior Recordings

With our advanced software we can watch anonymous users navigate your site via screen recording to see how they behave, and optimize accordingly.

A/B Split Testing

We have the ability to split test everything from headlines to offers to lead forms. We’ll run the tests, pick the winner, and show you the data.

Simple Reporting

You don’t have time to analyze all the data. We analyze it for you and provide simple reports so you can see all the important numbers at a glance.

atlanta seo rankings report

Frequently Asked Questions About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you don’t see your question answered, don’t hesitate to shoot us a text message.

How much do your SEO services cost?

SEO pricing depends on the size and scope of the business, the size of the market, the size of the service area, and what’s already been done or not done with regard to the existing website.

We’re 100% transparent with our pricing, we just need to put eyes on your business and your market first, so it’s best to reach out and start the initial discovery process if you want a true cost estimate.

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How can I see what the potential for my business is before I invest in an SEO package?

We often start with an SEO strategy session and audit where your team comes into our office and we do a 1-2 hour market research, keyword research, and traffic potential analysis. This is a super cost-effective way for you to understand the real SEO potential for your business.

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Will SEO make my site sound weird and technical and like it's written for search engines?

Nope. A good SEO agency is able to optimize a page without “over-optimizing” the page. Over-optimization is frowned upon by Google and it severely degrades the user experience. We stay away from that.

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Can you teach my team how to do SEO?

We do SEO trainings and workshops, but it’s not a “one and done” type thing. Your team will need multiple training sessions to truly be effective. This is less cost-effective in the short-term, but certainly more cost-effective long-term if you’re going heavy into SEO and have the team in place to make it happen.

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Does SEO work for B2B businesses?

Yes, it works for both B2C and B2B businesses. There are some industries and types of buisnesses where SEO may not be the best fit, so it’s important to speak to an expert before diving in deep.

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How much time will this require of my team and myself?

You can be as involved as you’d like or you can be as hands-off as you’d like.

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Do I have to pay for SEO services every month or is it a one-time thing.

We offer both types of services. There are many one-time services that can get great results and there are also situations where a monthly retainer is the best option.

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How long does it take for SEO to work?

It’s not a “fast” strategy by any means, but it’s one of the most powerful online marketing strategies in existence. For the sake of transparency, we tell clients to be willing to invest in SEO efforts for 8 to 18 months (depending on your market and current website rankings) to see good results. Most dominant businesses invest heavily into SEO for years and years and never stop. That’s the kind of game it is and the ROI is tremendous.

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What all does an SEO agency or SEO expert do?

A lot goes into a solid SEO effort…

  • Market analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Keyword analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Site organization
  • Content strategy
  • Page & content outlining
  • Content creation
  • Content optimization
  • Page optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Backlink acquisition
  • Conversion strategy
  • Analytics setup
  • Analytics monitoring
  • Ongoing SEO education
  • and more…

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Do you only work with companies in Atlanta?

We’re an Atlanta SEO agency, but we work with companies across the U.S. and internationally. We’re able to achieve top rankings for your company regardless of where you’re located and what the size of your market is.

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