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High-Conversion Web Design

We don’t just build good looking websites – we build sites that drive reach, relevance, and revenue for your company.

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Why the Hamon Creative Atlanta Web Design Team?

We’re not your average web design company. Hamon Creative is where businesses and brands come when they want a website that attracts, nurtures, and converts leads into dollars.


Brand & Strategy Alignment

We take the time to learn and understand your business and analyze your competitors so we can build exactly what you need.


100% Custom Web Design

No templates! Your website will be hand-crafted by our talented design team according to the highest design & conversion standards.


Interactive Prototypes

Approve your site’s look, feel, and basic functionality before we ever start the development process.


LIVE Development

We build your site on a live development server so you can monitor progress 24/7 and never feel like you’re in the dark.


Strict Timelines

Our rock-solid design & development process ensures your website will never get bogged down or behind schedule.


Copy & Content Guidance

Not sure what your website needs to say to be effective? We’re able to provide copy editing, copywriting, and content strategy.


Point & Click Feedback

No more email insanity – use our point and click feedback system to mark changes and provide content live on your site as it’s being built.


Ongoing Website Support

Want us to continue managing, optimizing, and updating your site? We’re in your corner as a complete website management team.


Flexible Payment Schedules

Don’t worry about shelling out the cost all at once. We offer flexible payment plans so you can cashflow your new website.

Beautiful, Responsive WordPress Web Design

We build exclusively on WordPress, the most popular and supported platform powering over 1/4 of all sites on the web.

We’re a Data-Driven Web Design Company

You don’t want a website just to have a website. You want a website that drives reach, relevance, and revenue. Here’s how we make sure your website consistently turns clicks into customers.


Advanced Traffic Analytics

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. We track all the most important traffic analytics, analyze them, and report back to you with actionable advice.


Advanced Lead Capture

Contact forms are boring. We use a variety of advanced lead capture techniques to make sure you’re squeezing every lead out of the traffic you get.


Visitor Click Tracking

We study what visitors to your site are clicking on to get a better understanding of how they’re using your site so we can make gradual improvements.


Visitor Scroll Tracking

Our scroll tracking software shows you us where we’re losing visitors’ attention so we can make the right adjustments to keep them on your site longer.


Visitor Behavior Recordings

With our advanced software we can watch anonymous users navigate your site via screen recording to see how they behave, and optimize accordingly.


A/B Split Testing

We have the ability to split test everything from headlines to offers to lead forms. We’ll run the tests, pick the winner, and show you the data.

What if I just want a simple website design without these things?

No worries, all this stuff is optional for businesses and brands that want to take a data-driven approach to their website and online marketing. If you’re not ready for advanced features, you don’t have to include them or pay for them.

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lead form design mockups for websites

Rock Solid Wordpress Web Design and Development


Ultra-Fast Load Times

Fast websites are important for good conversion rates and SEO, which is why we offer to host your website on our lightning fast Google Cloud servers.


Responsive Web Design

It doesn’t matter what device or screen size your visitors arrive on, we work hard to make sure they have a postive, seamless experience.


Built to Rank

Our infrastructure, speed optimization, code optimization, page structure, and caching insure that Google will love your website and rank it accordingly.


A+ Website Security Rating

We put all the right security pieces in place to keep your website and your data safe and if there’s ever an issue, we’ll step in immediately to clean it up for you.


Daily Cloud Backups

We perform daily cloud backups of your website so you’re always protected. In the event of network failure or data loss, your site can be restored with a single click.


Infinitely Scalable

Your website is built on a framework that allows for infinite scale and expandability. Any functionality your business requires can be added at any time.

From Web Design to Full-Stack Digital Marketing

Traditional web design agencies will build you a pretty website, but they won’t do anything to help you drive traffic and leads to your new site. Hamon Creative is a full-stack digital marketing agency with the knowledge and experience to help you drive actual business.

seo for web design

Search Engine Optimization (Google & Bing SEO)

Most small business fail to show up in search engines for key terms and many others are being burned by shoddy fly-by-night SEO agencies. You need a legit SEO agency you can trust to get you ranked above your competition. That’s us.

local seo for atlanta web design

Local SEO & Google My Places Optimization

Local SEO is key for local businesses and is the highest quality traffic you can get. Let’s talk about getting your local business ranking high in the Google & Bing Map Packs and at the top of page one for “near me” type searches.

social media marketing services

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social media is a powerful way to drive traffic & leads. We specialize in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, & organic social strategies. Let’s talk about how we can tweak your existing strategy or develop a new strategy for your brand from scratch.

google ppc

Google & Bing PPC (Pay Per Click)

People are searching for your products & services online right now. Your competitors are bidding on those terms and earning those clicks! Let’s talk about how we can funnel those leads to your business instead, using Google PPC & Bing PPC.

content marketing agency

Content Marketing & Content Strategy

Content is KING on the internet, but you need a clear strategy. We are experts at using SEO-optimized blogging, video marketing, freebies, email marketing, and social content to convince and convert your ideal customers.

online video marketing and advertising

Online Video Marketing & Advertising

Video is the future of online marketing. If your buisness isn’t using video, you’re getting left behind as we speak. Let’s talk about how we can use video marketing to quickly build know/like/trust with your ideal customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question answered, don’t hesitate to shoot us a text message.

There are a lot of Atlanta web design companies. Why should I choose Hamon Creative?

Great question! Here’s our quick 5-point pitch:

  1. You need more than a just a typical web design company. You need a creative design and full-stack digital marketing agency that has the resources and expertise to drive serious growth for your company.
  2. You need an agency that knows you by name and who are deeply passionate about seeing you succeed. We’ll never cut corners or sabotage your long-term potential for short-term gains. We treat your business like it’s our own.
  3. You need a web design company that’s insanely organized and efficient. Too many web design projects get bogged down and behind schedule. Our process and attention to detail ensures that never happens.
  4. You need a web design company with the marketing chops to build you a website that converts. It doesn’t matter how pretty your website is if it doesn’t make you money. We’re experts in high-conversion web design, conversion rate optimization, copywriting, and digital marketing..
  5. You need an agency you can trust. When you need advice and guidance you can rest assured that we’re going to give it to you straight. No fluff, no B.S., and no smoke and mirrors. We strive for direct, clear, fast communication and have built an exceptional reputation throughout Metro Atlanta.

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How much do your web design packages start at?

The typical range for our sites is $2500 to $15,000 and we offer payment plans that can spread the cost out as low as $199/mo.

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How long does a new website design usually take?

For basic projects, we’ve reduced turnaround time to 2-3 weeks. Anything beyond that is strictly dependent on the size and complexity of the site.

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Can you get my website to rank in Google?

Absolutely! It’s one of our top priorities and we have multiple SEO (Search Engine Optimization) packages to choose from.

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Can you help me get traffic to my website?

Yep! We don’t just build pretty websites, we build websites built to pull-in and convert traffic. From content marketing strategy to social media marketing an online advertising, we can drive plenty of high-quality, targeted visitors to your site.

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Do you help with content & copywriting?

Yes! If you don’t know what your site needs to say in order to attract, nurture, and convert visitors into buyers, we’ll help you. We can edit copy you provide or write copy from scratch.

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How will my new website get me customers?

A good website is your marketing “home base.” It’s where you send visitors from social media, search engines, digital advertising, offline marketing, and more. When visitors arrive, your website “sells” them on why they should do business with you and then gives them an easy way to become a lead in your pipeline. 

Having a bad website does the opposite – it turns off potential customers. And having no website at all makes you digitally irrelevant.

Does your web design company only serve businesses in Atlanta?

While our Atlanta web design team is super passionate about working with local businesses, there’s no geographic limitation to our WordPress web design & development services. We commonly work with companies all across the U.S. and internationally.